Top Day Trips From Broome, Western Australia

When visiting the small coastal town of Broome, you’ll be spoilt for choice on things to see and do not only within the town, which you can read more here, but also a day trip out of this historical place you will find some secret and not so secret spots to add to your next North Western Australian adventure itinerary!

Driving on the Iconic Red Dirt Roads…

These are the top 6 Day Trips to do while staying in Broome:

1. Cape Leveque

2.5 Hours Drive.
Free (self drive), $10AUD Entry.
9 Hour Duration.

Drive up to the peninsula to the most northern point, where the red cliffs meet the crystal blue ocean. This is a beautiful must see location, capturing the essence of Australia. Many water sports are available, as well as local community activities. Or, for free, wander the shores and enjoy the beautiful beaches – Cape Leveque is truly an iconic beauty.

Where the red rocks meet the blue ocean – Cape Leveque

2. Beagle Bay

1 Hour 45 Min Drive.
FREE (self drive), $5AUD Entry.
5 Hour Duration.

Beagle Bay is one of three Aboriginal communities on the Dampier Peninsula, and home to the breathtaking Beagle Bay Sacred Heart Church with its mother of pearl shell altar. The church was built entirely by hand by local Aborigines and the Pallottine monks who started the Catholic mission in the late 1800s. Free to entre the church, and wander the town, this can also be added as a stop on the way to or from Cape Leveque.

Beagle Bay Sacred Heart Church

3. Horizontal Falls

1 Hour Flight.
$830AUD Tour pp.
10 Hour Duration.

The ultimate scenic tour of the North West – Visiting the iconic Australian Horizontal Falls, can only be done on a tour, which includes scenic flights, an incredible boat ride, all food and transport. Check out the local website for more details. We did not do this tour, the price tag was almost the price of our whole trip so we will save it for when we return – but just look at those views – amazing.

Photo from

4. Windjana Gorge

4 Hour 15 Min Drive.
FREE (self drive), $13AUD Entry.
12 Hour Duration.

If you are only staying in Broome and not heading out to the Kimberly, this is a long day, but a must do to experience a beautiful part of the amazing Kimberly Region and Outback Australia. My favourite part of Windjana Gorge is you can see beautiful crocodiles in the wild, from a safe distance – amazing. IF you want to make this a stupidly long day, Tunnel Creek in about 30mins from here, which you can explore in an hour.

Windjana Gorge

5. Derby

2 Hour Drive.
FREE (self drive).
7 Hour Duration.

Driving out to Derby, the first stop will be the iconic Boab Prison Tree, 1,500 years old with a sad but historic history. In the town of derby, if possible try plan your visit around the events held at the Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre. You can also explore the Wharfinger’s House Museum, and go for a walk along the Derby Jetty. Depending how long you spend you can always try add the next stop (6. Malcom Douglas Crocodile Park) on as you come back into Broome.

Boab Prison Tree

6. Malcom Douglas Crocodile Park

20min Drive.
$35AUD Entry.
2.5 Hour Duration.

A local reptile park that started out to help save dangerous crocodiles. The main focal point of this park is that they take in re located dangerous crocs – the reason crocodiles get relocated is because they are very territorial, and if a crocodile starts posing a threat to people in an area, you can’t just move the croc to a different area as they will always just swim back ‘home’ so they either get killed or relocated to a “park” as such, like this one. Now i understand there are some ethical issues with this park (they sell some crocodile products) yuck, but they also have an extensive education program. I am truly grateful we went as we were educated on crocodile behavior and how to act around crocodiles that honestly came in handy before we embarked on our Kimberly road trip. I wish Broome visitor center offered a couple hours of education talks on crocodiles and snakes, as this was so important and useful on our road trip in the outback.

‘Maniac’ the Crocodile (yes the fence was damaged by him)


10 thoughts on “Top Day Trips From Broome, Western Australia

  1. Alex says:

    I have always heard that it’s a must to travel around when staying in Broome and you’ve just proved it! Such a great list of things to do! Thank you for all the tips 💙 I wish the horizontal falls was cheaper!


    • Danielle in Wanderland says:

      You’re welcome!! Yes Horizontal Falls looks amazing… but for the price, it was the exact same cost as our whole 3 weeks total (including car rentals etc) so for ‘right now’ we didn’t bother. But as i always say “if i really want to do it, I’ll keep thinking about it and just go back!!”


  2. Katriona says:

    Wishing the borders will open soon (I am from Sydney) so I can visit beautiful WA! The landscape looks so dramatic there! Boab Prison Tree looks so interesting to me – thanks for such a great post 🙂


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