Hi! I’m Danielle, Age 27, Pisces, In a Relationship, Beauty Therapist, Marketing & PR professional, and Avid Hiker.

My dad is South African, with french roots, my mum is Namibian with German roots. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, but moved to Queensland, Australia when i was young and did most of my schooling there. Don’t ask me where home is because I don’t know anymore!

My love of travel came to me at a very young age, my parents travel a lot so I guess you could say it’s genetic? I had already travelled to 10 countries (mainly in Asia & Africa) before I finished high school at the age of 17, 2010. Within the next 2 years I only travelled to a few places, I danced full time, and I studied to became a Beauty Therapist. Moving to Canada for a ‘short’ working holiday soon followed. My time in Canada, living in Lake Louise was for 2 years, from 2013 to 2015. In that time I was lucky enough to travel a lot on the eastern side of Canada and the USA. I commenced my first, extended, ‘backpacking’ trip to Central America and South America in January, 2015. This was where i met my now boyfriend (and new travel buddy) of 5+years (from Perth, W.A.). This was also the start of my love affair with the Spanish language, which I have been trying to master ever since. I moved back to Australia (Queensland) in June, 2015, and within the following 6 months i travelled to Indonesia, did an online Nutrition course, all while working part time. In 2016 I moved to Western Australia (Perth – where my partner is from) to study Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising at University (a 3 year course). 2016 I was able to do a lot of travel within Australia, including the south of Western Australia and Central, rural Queensland. 2016 was also my first year in forever that i didn’t hop on an international flight. At the start of 2017, me and my partner travelled to India for 5 weeks. By June, 2017 I was half way through my degree (YAY) so to celebrate/ have a break from university for a while, I travelled extensively throughout Europe, Middle East, and Northern Africa for a total of 9 months, which i travelled to over 30+ countries in that time. March, 2018 I came back to Perth, Australia and in June/July set off on a camper van road trip in the Kimberley, Northern Australia. With many road trips around Western Australia, by 2019 I set off to Europe again (for a university competition, which i won – Woo), and graduated my degree middle of the year. For the second half of 2019, I travelled to several countries in Eastern Africa for a few months, and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro! In 2020, my partner and I moved to Melbourne, Australia where we have been travelled around the state of Victoria.