48 hours in Broome – Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Whether you are time pressed or have all the time in the world, our 48 hour series will show you the must see sights, and the top things to do that can be fit into 48 hours or stretched out on a longer trip.

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Broome is a small town, located on a peninsula, where the world’s great wildernesses meets the Indian Ocean. The town’s exotic pearling history has left a rich, vibrant, and a unique multi-cultural mix of people. It is also the base for the great North West, think striking landscapes, billions of years of history, Indigenous culture and outback experiences to remember. There is so much to see and do within Broome, and some amazing day trips (click for the top day trips from Broome). Broome is a must visit for any Australian adventure…


Broome Heritage Walk

A beautiful walk to take you back in history and see the beautiful town of Broome’s past and present. Largely centered on the fascinating Chinatown district and the town’s pearling history. The specific trail route can be found here – it takes around an hour. We took our time, even stopped at some shops along the way, it was a great way to also orientate yourself with the town too.


Pearl Luggars Tour

Keeping on the theme of town history, I highly recommend doing the Pearl Luggars tour, and learning about this bittersweet past of what Broome was built on. Be captivated by the stories of 150 year of pearling in Broome. We booked our tour when we got there, but if you want to book in advance you can do it here.


Gantheaume Point

Spend your afternoon heading out of town to the scenic Gantheaume Point, 6km out of town. A great place to swim, or go explore along the beach. When the tide is low you can see ancient dinosaur footprints in the rocks.


Town Beach

If you are visiting between the months of May and September Town Beach is the place to be. Firstly they have delicious food night markets on a thursday night with lots of delicious and unique foods to try. Secondly, it is one of the best viewing locations for the famous Staircase to the Moon – find out more here. Best to check out dates for both above if they are on your list, you may get lucky and see both on one night!


Courthouse Markets

Markets in this part of Australia can not be missed, the beautiful crafts by the local artists are truly stunning and a great place to find a perfect keep sake from your trip. Every Saturday and Sunday from 8am head to the Courthouse markets for breakfast, live music, and a beautiful shopping experience. Find more information about opening hours here.


Matso Brewery

So i don’t even like beer, but this was a lot of fun. Living the past few years in Australia i have seen ‘Matso’ pop up a lot at events, and all my friends would rave about it. Naturally, i had to go try it out. I combined our visit with a tour and tasting, it was very interesting learning how they make the drinks and come up with new flavours, and the tasting paddle was a great way to try all the different beers. I love their Ginger Beer and Mango beer (both to me don’t taste like actual beer – win!) Book your tour here.


Camel Ride

A very iconic Broome experience, riding camels along the beach at sunset. Now, you do have a few options here regarding these tours – I recommend the pre sunset tour (it is HALF the price) – and then you can stay on afterwards and enjoy the sunset anyways – use the money you saved to buy a couple drink at Cable Beach Club afterwards! I also recommended this company as they were great, and not only did the ladies (so ME) get free pearl earrings (WIN), we also got vouchers to a couple local places we were planning on visiting anyways (DOUBLE WIN).


Sunset on Cable Beach

Because you were a savvy traveler and booked the pre sunset camel ride. You have the sunset free to yourself, we packed some snacks and some Matso beers and relaxed on the beach – such a beautiful sight, and lovely way to end the day.


Have longer than 2 days to spend in Broome? Click here for the ultimate list of day trips to fill a whole week staying in Broome. 

Want to know more? Leave a comment below! Or click here to see more on Australia.

6 thoughts on “48 hours in Broome – Your Ultimate Travel Guide

  1. Vaisakhi says:

    I seriously can’t decide which is the prettier one between town beach and cable beach! The both look stunning 😀 The city looks so vibrant that I can already imagine how cool the heritage walk would be. So much to do in 48 hours! Loved the post!!!


  2. Joanna says:

    I have wanted to visit Broome and am particularly interested in the history if the pearling industry. I will have to take the camel ride on Cable Beach just to get the pearl earrings.


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