Lake Louise Living – Your Ultimate Guide

With a lake that changes colour year round, and mountains as high as the clouds, it’s no wonder this is one of the most visited places in the world. Located in Banff National Park, Lake Louise is a sight that is not to be missed!

I was lucky enough to live and work in Lake Louise from 2013 -2015. I worked at the infamous Chateau Lake Louise, and lived in staff housing just behind it. Having the mountains as your backyard left for some amazing adventures, hiking being one of them (which you will soon realise my vast love for).
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With the mountains and the lake, (and an awesome ski hill down the bottom of the hill), the opportunities are endless here at Lake Louise. Now, Banff (about an hour down the road) is a lot bigger than Lake Louise and a lot of people just throw them both together when talking about activities to do, so if you want more information about the whole area (Banff National Park) and not just Lake Louise specifically, stay tuned for a blog post on Banff National Park! But for now, here is beautiful Lake Louise…

When To Visit?

Well, the biggest factor for this will be, do you like the cold? If so, then it doesn’t really matter. There are two peak seasons (Winter and Summer). End of November to January for Christmas time, which feels like a magical winter wonderland…

January is busy for the flawless work at the annual ice carving festival…

The Summer peak season goes from June to start of September. This is the start of the summer activities, the canoeing and hiking all open for business. And of course, the beautiful lake has finally melted and is its signature colour of blue…

As far as ‘off season’ goes for Lake Louise, i think it’s worth seeing all year round. But for any summer or winter activities, it is best to head there during the peak times above, otherwise the activities may be closed. As for Spring and Autumn, Spring is beautiful as it is starting to warm up, still A LOT of snow (you were warned) so there aren’t many activities open, but the lake has melted, and looking as breathtaking as always…

Autumn at Lake Louise is my personal favourite, the lake is a deep blue in colour, surrounded by the beautiful orange leaved trees, and the snowy capped mountains in the background. Hikes are still open, so the benefit of quieter paths is a bonus too…

What To Do?

Lake Louise is small in area, but the impeccable nature and breathtaking views make up for it.


Snow Shoeing: this is great for any and every one, no experience required. Grab some snow shoes from the Chateau rentals and go for a walk around the lake, or take a hiking path if you’re feeling up for it.

Cross-Country Skiing: a little experience, or at least balance would be suggested but it is not required, there’s a few flat paths near the driveway entrance to the Chateau which are great for beginners.

Ice Skating: now, if you have not done ice skating before, or only on an indoor rink (like me) Beware! The ground/ice isn’t perfectly smooth, so the bumps and cracks make for a bumpy skate. But skating around the beautiful ice castle made it a bucket list experience, and you can warm up by the fires after.


Hiking: the hikes in Lake Louise range from Fairview Look Out, a short 1km walk uphill to see beautiful views looking back on the Chateau. Or, if a longer journey takes your fancy, the Lake Agnes Tea House hike is fantastic, 7km return, and you can reward yourself with some delicious baked goods at the vintage tea house up top. For more hikes in Lake Louise click here.

Canoeing: it is one thing to gaze at this amazing lake, but being on it is a whole other thing. Hop in one of the signature red canoes at ‘the boat house’ and float around the beautiful lake. This is an experience not to be missed!

Rock Climbing: this is more on the pricey side, but experience is not essential. There are some awesome places that offer courses of varying lengths and abilities, and there is great area right at the back of the lake with some stunning views.

Swimming: Ah yes, they may sound strange to some, but on Canada Day (???) everyone jumps into Lake Louise for a refreshing dip!


Want to know more? Leave a comment below! Or click here to see more on North America.

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