48 hours in Buenos Aires – Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Whether you are time pressed or have all the time in the world, our 48 hour series will show you the must see sights, and the top things to do that can be fit into 48 hours or stretched out on a longer trip.

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Buenos Aires is termed the ‘Paris of the Americas’ and rightfully so! Located in Argentina, this stunning city oozes passion whether it be through their art and architecture, their signature tango, or the best steak I have ever tasted. A big city with some beautifully diverse areas, there is something for everyone. Here are some things that are not to be missed while in Buenos Aires…

Al Teneo Grand Splendid

As Shakespeare once wrote “All the world’s a stage…”, Al Teneo bookstore actually was! A 100 year old theatre turned majestic bookstore, what’s not to love! This is a bucket list item for any fantasy, art loving, book enthusiast, or anyone that just likes really cool stuff! Al Teneo is located in Recoleta, on Santa Fe, and I would honestly rate this amazing place as one of the most enchanting bookstore’s in the world!

La Recoleta Cemetery

This infamous cemetery in a must of any history lover’s list. What I would call one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, La Recoleta Cemetery is home to the tomb of Eva Perón, a notable woman in history, among many other distinguished characters in history. Walking through the cemetery is like walking in another world. We spent several hours here and could have easily stayed longer.

Palermo Soho

A barrio with a bohemian vibe, scattered with restaurants and cafes alike down it’s cobblestone streets. This trendy area is great for food lovers, coffee drinkers, and anyone wanting to do a spot of shopping. Weekends here are extremely busy as Palermo holds open air markets on Plaza Serrano and Plaza Armenia. Palermo Soho is renowned for its nightlife so it’s a great spot to end your day.

City Center

The center of this beautiful city and home to amazing architecture such as, Plaza de mayo and Casa Rosada. The city center is where it all begins and is not to be missed. This area is where you are able to see and appreciate the spectacular architecture that is in Buenos Aries. If you make your way up Calle Florida, Buenos Aries most notable pedestrian mall, you will be able to see other buildings among the likes of Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aries, and some incredible museums.

La Boca

Home to the cobblestone streets of El Caminito, and Boca’s fútbol club… La Boca is one of my favourite spots in Buenos Aries. The bright colourful buildings and eccentric artwork are like nothing I have ever seen before. A good portion of the day can be spent here, wandering the streets, browsing the boutique shops and art vendors, and watching the locals tango outside the cafes.


Spend the night watching a tango show, I would highly recommend finding one that does classes as well, now I’m not just sure if that’s the dancer in me talking, but learning the tango is just as wonderful as watching it! A lot of places will do packages; dinner, show, and lessons. ¡Vamos a bailar!

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