5 must do things in Interlaken…

Interlaken is located in the centre of Switzerland, only a 1 hour drive or train ride from Bern (Switzerland’s capital city). Amazing to see in Summer and Winter, Interlaken is a must for any nature lover’s bucket list, here you will find the 5 must do things when in Interlaken, whether it be summer, winter*, or anything in between…

1. Walk the length of the town. Starting at either west or east train station walk down along the abundance of shops or walk along the beautiful walkaway along the  river… OR BOTH!?

2. Join a free walking tour. Interlaken may not be a big town but there sure is a lot of interesting history and stories about it. Join the free local walking tour starting on the main street at 6:00pm everyday.

3. Visit the Funky Chocolate Club. The name says it all! Stock up on some delicious Swiss chocolate, and a must try is the amazing chocolate fondue over fresh strawberries. FCC also does some enticing chocolate making classes if you are up for the test!

4. Summit Harder Kulm*. The top of Interlaken, Harder Kulm not only gives incredible views of this already incredible town, but the mountain itself has some wonderful views on the journey up. Hike up in summer (only 2 hrs one way) or hop on the train (7 mins walk from Interlaken East). *The mountain is closed December through to March.

5. Paragliding in the Swiss Mountains. This is my ultimate favourite activity, as not only is it amazing in Summer AND Winter, what an amazing place to fly over these incredible mountains, and lakes and such a beautiful town…


9 thoughts on “5 must do things in Interlaken…

  1. lynzerin says:

    Beautiful pictures! We got to go to Lucerne, Switzerland, and it was awesome! Now, it looks like we have another city on our list for Switzerland (: Love the layout of your site, thanks for sharing! (:

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