Victoria Falls: A Natural Wonder

Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. When visiting this natural wonder, I stayed in Livingstone on the Zambia side. The Victoria Falls are amazing, and can be seen on foot, but to really get the feel for how powerful and incredible this amazing waterfall is I suggest seeing it from above in a break taking helicopter ride, and experiencing them first hand by white water rafting the Zambezi river.


Flying over the Victoria falls is a breath taking experience to say the least. It puts into perspective how amazing nature and this powerful waterfall really is. This bucket list experience, which some call the ‘flight of Angels’ is one to truly appreciate and captivate the Victoria Falls and Zambezi River in one go.


White water rafting in the Zambezi river is classed as one of the best rafting experience in the world, but I would rate it as one of the most thrilling as well! Majority of the 23 rapids being grade five, with names like Stairway to Heaven, The Terminator, The Washing Machine, and my personal “favourite”, Devils Toilet Bowl. Rafting can be done year round, but if adrenaline pumping action is what you are after I highly recommend going when the water is at its lowest, between August and December (this is when I went).
White water rafting is intense, our raft capsized during the rapid, the ‘Devil’s Toilet Bowl’ which is very common, but has also scared me from doing it again (no regrets!) But white water rafting in the Zambezi, is a definite bucket list experience for any thrill seeker! IMG_2770IMG_2775IMG_2733

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