Thailand’s Capital, Bangkok

Bangkok is a big city, but within it there is still a lot of amazing culture. One of my favourite parts of Bangkok is its vast number of temples and learning about the history in each part of the city. Bangkok is divided by districts, and I highly recommend visiting several to get a feel for how vast and different this city really is. There are honestly so many temples in Bangkok, and if you’ve been anywhere else in Asia you’ll realise they all start to look somewhat similar by the end of a long trip. My biggest tip would be to just find a taxi, and ask them to take you to the ‘best ones’. They are used to tourists so they know the popular sights and the best times to go.


Regarding transport in this busy city, I have two suggestions; firstly, I bought an underground train pass for 60BAHT ($2AUD) for a full day of multi-use, or you can get deals for multiple days for even cheaper. The underground is fast and efficient and I found it very easy to navigate. The trains usually come every 15mins, but there are lots of signs. Secondly, the taxis were great for going to places further out. You should tell them the key places you want to go, and decided and agree on a cost before leaving, usually this will be a full day use, the taxi driver will drive you to all the locations and there is no rush while you explore as they usually get a coffee, read or take a nap.


The best markets/shopping tend to be on the weekend, so if you can plan your visit around then that’s usually ideal. Depending on the area you are in will depend on your closest markets, so just ask any taxi driver, or your hotel/hostel and they will point you in the right direction. In Thailand, like most Asian countries, they encourage bartering and haggling for the cost of the goods or items you wish to purchase. For them this is culture, so it may seem daunting for you at first, but have a go and by the end of the trip you’ll be a pro!


There are 2 floating markets in Bangkok, the ‘tourist’ one and the ‘local’ one, and honestly… the tourist one is the best. The local one isn’t for tourists so unless you speak Thai you’ll have a horrible time finding a boat or buying products. The tourist market is located about 1.5hours out of the city, it is called Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in the area of Ratchaburi. I grabbed a taxi as it was the most functional option. Once you get there you hop in a small wooden boat, and not only do you get to experience the market, there is some beautiful greenery and farming villages along your journey. The markets have got everything from souvenirs, to delicious food! There are several places where you can hop out of the boat to and walk and look around. The food by far was my favourite part.

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