Must See Spots in El Questro (without a 4×4)

Outback Australia is magical to explore and usually you are either travelling in a camper van or a 4x4 car. Now the later usually means you can get to 'every location', but do not fear - we have found (in our very basic van) the top spots to visit in the wonderous El Questro Gorge, Western Australia, so make sure this hot spot stays on your travel list!

The Ultimate 2 Week Historic India Itinerary

Rajasthan state is also known as the ‘Land of Kings’ (rightfully so), it is a state full of stories of wars and victories, romance, misfortunes and glories. These folkloric tales of love and heroism are physically reflected in Rajasthan’s many monuments, magnificent palaces and forts. This itinerary covers the state of Rajasthan, which covers the top spots, must do's and must see's for each place for the ultimate historic, cultural immersion into India!

Jain Temple at Ranakpur – What You Need To Know

Ranakpur Jain Temple is one of the largest and most important temples in Jain culture in India. Located in the south of Rajasthan state, it is considered one of the five most sacred places for Jains. The construction of the temple started in 1389 and it took 50 years to be completed and approximately two thousand seven hundred and eighty-five workers were involved.

Tikka Masala Recipe – India

An absolute classic, and crowd favourite at any Indian restaurant - Tikka Masala is a creamy, flavourful explosion with just enough spice (for us westerners!) This recipe helps you make the Tikka Masala paste from scratch, giving a truly authentic flavour, then add whatever proteins, or veggies you wish to make this your favourite Indian meal!