Paneer Cheese Recipe – India

The easiest cheese you will ever make (only two ingredients)! Paneer is a delicious cheese traditionally found in Indian cuisines. Cooking with paneer you will typically find in curries, and you can replace your meat or tofu with it, alternatively we like to add paneer with our beef meals to fill them out!

48 hours in Delhi – Your Ultimate Travel Guide

The capital of India, Delhi is an overwhelming experience of all your senses… Some people find 48 hours too little in this massive city, and some… well they are ready to get on out of there within the first few hours… (first country I have ever experience culture shock in). Divided into Old Delhi and New Delhi, you will experience a mix of culture, history, and stunning photo opportunities in a city like no other. There is a lot to see, and many ways to get around and see it all, but for 48 hours, I highly suggest hiring a private taxi.